Opel Vectra A

since 1988-1995 of release

Repair and car operation

Vektr A. Opel
+ 1. Maintenance instruction
+ 1.1 Maintenance
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Repair of DOHC engines
+ 4. Repair of the diesel engine
+ 5. Cooling system
+ 6. Fuel system
+ 7. A fuel and exhaust system of models with system of injection of fuel
- 8. Exhaust system and system of fall of toxicity of exhaust gases
   8.2. System of fall of toxicity of exhaust gases
   8.3. System of repeated burning of exhaust gases (EGR)
   8.4. The EGR valve (models with Multec system)
   8.5. EGR valve (Simtec system)
   8.6. EGR module (X16 SZ models)
   8.7. Knot of the air pump (Simtec system)
   8.8. Valve of an otsechka of system of reduction of toxicity
   8.9. The switching-off valve of system of reduction of toxicity
   8.10. Tube and unidirectional valve of system of reduction of toxicity
   8.11. Catalyst
   8.12. The canister with coal
   8.13. The oxygen sensor (models with the catalyst)
   8.14. Final collector
   + 8.15. Exhaust system
+ 9. Fuel systems of the diesel engine
+ 10. Engine electrosystems
+ 11. Transmission
+ 12. Mechanical transmission
+ 13. Automatic transmission
+ 14. Power shafts
+ 15. Brake system
+ 16. Suspension bracket
+ 17. Body
+ 18. Electric equipment
+ 19. Check of malfunctions


8.11. Catalyst


Catalyst and thermofilter arrangement

The catalyst is established on model with the engine which code begins with a letter C or X.

In the catalyst there is a reaction as a result of which potentially dangerous hydrocarbon and a carbon oxide in exhaust gases turn into safe gases and water vapor. The catalyst consists of honeycombs covered with platinum, a palladium and iridium.

To avoid catalyst damage, the engine should be correctly adjusted and should эксплуа тироваться on unleaded gasoline.

On all models with the catalyst a power supply system fuel of the closed type, that is on the basis of a signal from the sensor of the oxygen established in a reception exhaust pipe, the ECU block constantly optimizes structure fuel - an air mix. Depending on the content of oxygen in exhaust gases the sensor of oxygen induces tension from 0,1 In (the high content of oxygen, a poor mix) to 0,9 In (the low content of the oxygen, a rich mix). On the basis of these data the control unit the engine changes time of opening of fuel nozzles and changes a fuel ratio in a fuel mix. Stekhiometrichesky соотноше the scientific research institute of a fuel mix at which there is its complete combustion, and in exhaust gases are absent harmful substances, is 14,7 weight parts of air on 1 part of fuel.

The catalyst is a reliable and simple device which does not need any service, but there are some facts which the owner should know for the maximum service life of the catalyst.

Do not use etilirovanny gasoline in the car equipped катализато rum since lead will cover precious metals in a catalyst lattice, having reduced efficiency of their transformation and, finally, will put out of action the catalyst.

Always contain ignition and fuel system in a full order.

If at operation of the engine ignition admissions are observed, do not maintain the car before malfunction elimination.

If at operation of the engine the control lamp of engine management lights up, it is necessary to address as soon as possible on service station. If there is a damage to a control system of the engine, that, except increase in fuel consumption and reduction of dynamic characteristics of the engine, can put out of action the catalyst.

Do not start the engine a towage method.

Do not switch off ignition on high turns of the engine.

Do not use an additive to fuel and engine oil as additives can contain the substances, capable to injure the catalyst.

Do not use the car if from an exhaust pipe the trace of a dark blue smoke is visible.

After an engine stop exhaust system the long time continues to radiate a significant amount of heat therefore it is necessary to avoid a car parking on a grass and dry leaves.

Remember that the catalyst is fragile, therefore avoid blows at catalysis removal a Torah or an exhaust system.

The catalyst used on well adjusted car, should serve from 100 to 160 thousand km of run of the car.