Opel Vectra A

since 1988-1995 of release

Repair and car operation

Vektr A. Opel
+ 1. Maintenance instruction
+ 1.1 Maintenance
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Repair of DOHC engines
+ 4. Repair of the diesel engine
+ 5. Cooling system
+ 6. Fuel system
+ 7. A fuel and exhaust system of models with system of injection of fuel
- 8. Exhaust system and system of fall of toxicity of exhaust gases
   8.2. System of fall of toxicity of exhaust gases
   8.3. System of repeated burning of exhaust gases (EGR)
   8.4. The EGR valve (models with Multec system)
   8.5. EGR valve (Simtec system)
   8.6. EGR module (X16 SZ models)
   8.7. Knot of the air pump (Simtec system)
   8.8. Valve of an otsechka of system of reduction of toxicity
   8.9. The switching-off valve of system of reduction of toxicity
   8.10. Tube and unidirectional valve of system of reduction of toxicity
   8.11. Catalyst
   8.12. The canister with coal
   8.13. The oxygen sensor (models with the catalyst)
   8.14. Final collector
   - 8.15. Exhaust system
      8.15.1. A reception exhaust pipe on models with the SOHC engine
      8.15.2. A reception exhaust pipe on models with the DOHC engine
      8.15.3. Forward exhaust silencer or catalyst
      8.15.4. Central section
      8.15.5. Back section
+ 9. Fuel systems of the diesel engine
+ 10. Engine electrosystems
+ 11. Transmission
+ 12. Mechanical transmission
+ 13. Automatic transmission
+ 14. Power shafts
+ 15. Brake system
+ 16. Suspension bracket
+ 17. Body
+ 18. Electric equipment
+ 19. Check of malfunctions


8.15. Exhaust system



At installation of an exhaust system use new laying and sealing rings.

Problem of an exhaust system is removal of the fulfilled gases in the atmosphere so that they even in the minimum quantity did not get to car salon, and also decrease in noise of the engine to low level. That the exhaust system could carry out the functions, it should be in good repair. The condition of an exhaust system influences also engine capacity and fuel consumption.


The exhaust system established at plant consists of four parts which replacement can be made separately.

On models with the catalyst in a reception exhaust pipe the oxygen sensor is established. The catalyst is established in a forward part of an exhaust system.

Before replacement of separate parts of an exhaust system it is recommended to check a condition of all exhaust system as it is often more favorable to replace all exhaust system, than to make replacement it periodically in parts.